I want to participate as passive investor.

If you are convinced of the visionary idea of DECENOMY, all its opportunities and want to become a new supporter, you have to
a) register, do KYC and
b) grab an offer on the peer-to-peer-Marketplace.
c) Optionally you can watch on YouTube “Tutorial & Overview”.

Please note, this is at present the only way to join DECENOMY as a passive investor!

As a buyer you take part of several advantages:

  1. An incredible deal right out of the gate for potential asset multiplication to start a venture already in a better position than anywhere else.
  2. 5% appreciating return is added to the balance quarterly, also to put pressure on us to take action and bring the vision to life more speedily.
  3. A dedicated, fast-adapting, and experienced team, with over 3 years of experience in blockchain, that has something to prove and will put a lot of effort and time into this, because we want to make it work. You can by now call us battle-tested through adversities and we are still persevering.
  4. About 15 active blockchain coins, with custom technology and an own development company in Europe.
  5. High-traffic websites to populate the launch of DECENOMY once it is ready.
  6. The regulated exchange Birake and a wide partnered networks to trade our coins.
  7. More than 1 Billion euros in tokenizable assets are committed to the project from the start. This number is likely to rise every month through the year 2023.
  8. Supportive to probably over-committed and distressed ex-partner, that has some monetary relief.
Balance for salePricePayment methods
€500.00€100.00 (20%)BTC 
€500.00€100.00 (20%)BTC USDT USDC
€500.00€100.00 (20%)BTC USDT USDC
€600.00€120.00 (20%)BTC 
€750.00€150.00 (20%)BTC USDT USDC
€895.00€179.00 (20%)BTC 
€1,000.00€200.00 (20%)BTC 
€1,000.00€200.00 (20%)BTC 
€1,174.76€234.95 (20%)BTC 
€1,194.29€238.86 (20%)BTC USDT