DECENOMY Releases Multinode Script to Make Managing Masternodes Easier

Earlier this year, DECENOMY, a decentralized economy seeking to enable new ways of conducting economic transactions with zero inflation, released a multinode script that makes it easier for users to manage their masternodes.

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The DECENOMY Multinode Script offers a variety of features, including the ability to manage masternodes of several coins in each blockchain, monitor masternode status with an explorer, and keep track of the state of a wallet. Notably, masternode operators are able to install more than one masternode of each coin on the same VPS. The tool also allows users to perform maintenance tasks such as wallet updates, connection management, and bootstraps.

One of the most interesting things about the DECENOMY script is that it does not deploy the installation files at the root level. Instead, each coin installation creates its own user ID on the Linux system files, with the coin name serving as the identifier for the deployment location. This makes it easier for users to manage their masternodes without having to worry about permissions or file ownership.

The DECENOMY Multinode Script is available for free on the DECENOMY website.

In addition to the multinode script, DECENOMY also owns and operates 18 blockchains that will eventually reflect different economic branches, such as tourism and rental, mobility & electricity, and IT. The company’s goal is to create a decentralized economy that is more efficient, secure, and transparent than the current system.